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Let Us Move Your Bulky Items

Let Us Move Your Bulky Items

Ron’s Moving is Holden, Maine's specialized moving service

Ron's Moving services Holden, ME and surrounding areas, including Brewer, Bangor, and Orono, ME! You were so excited to purchase that new hot tub—until you realized that you had no way of getting it onto your patio. You can’t possibly expect to move that on your own, or even with the help of your neighbors. You need to call on a professional moving service.

Ron’s Moving is here to help with your specialized moving project. We can help you move just about any bulky items, including pianos, gun safes, hot tubs, industrial equipment, boilers, grandfather clocks, and vending machinesWhat do you need help moving? Call Ron’s Moving at 207-989-4221 to see if we can be of assistance with:

- Entire house hold moves
- Packing
- Single item moves
- Working within a budget
- Loading and unloading rental trucks
- Internal moving
- Temporary storage
- Grandfather

Don’t try to move that heavy item down your stairs alone

You don’t have to be moving across town to need a set of extra hands. Many of our clients simply need help moving their bulky items down to the basement—or up to the attic. Call us today to learn more.